Coaching is a key part of the leadership journey - to be an exceptional executive and a more fulfilled person. It is often driven by a role change or a desire for a new challenge. Thus search and executive coaching are never far apart.

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Once we have successfully placed a candidate, The Coaching House steps in. On-boarding is a crucial part of the process. Our trained professionals develop personal relationships with clients to ensure that search sticks.

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"We apply tried and tested coaching methodologies to the complex challenge of corporate leadership. We focus relentlessly on measurable results for clients to demonstrate progress and accountability – making businesses better one person at a time.”

Meet the team

Theresa Hall

Senior Executive Coach

Virginia Livingston

General Manager
Virginia joined Bird & Co as the Business Development Manager, responsible for all aspects of Board executive client management in TMT and as General Manager for The Coaching House and Executive Assistant to Isabel Bird. Virginia graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, with a degree in Psychology and Criminology, before joining the New Zealand Police Force. She spent 3 years at the Police Head Quarters in the Communications Department. In 2013, she joined Exley Hervey Executive Search in as Senior Account Manager after moving to the UK.

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