The Coaching House

The Coaching House is a boutique coaching firm working with leaders in business who are striving for sustainable change and professional growth, in the face of both multiple and complex challenges.

Our purpose is to make business better – one person at a time. This enables us to focus on our client’s beliefs, behaviours and purpose, working with their company’s framework. This mission demands that we retain a relentless focus on delivering measurable, clearly defined results for our clients and the multiple stakeholders to whom they are accountable.

Founded in 1991, we partner with clients taking the corporate and personal journey from demonstrable excellence to become truly exceptional. They are Chairs, NEDs, CEOs and Directors of Functions in FTSE companies, privately owned businesses and private equity invested enterprises.

Our approach is simple and powerful because it recognises that such leaders often balance competing demands across different areas of their lives, with challenges in one domain usually being felt in several others. Our coaches bring tried and tested coaching methodologies to this complexity, underpinned by over 20 years of individual business experience. This enables sustainable, rewarding and mutually beneficial growth within the confidential framework of a rigorous, yet highly personal coaching relationship.

Some of our coaching work

Leadership Coaching

Purpose and ambition drive people to seek leadership positions. They are appointed because of their skills and experience. But what exactly does it mean to be a business leader? Their previous experience does not necessarily give them all the answers or equip them to show the leadership that is now expected of them.

Most people expect life at the top to be more stretching than previously. However, many find the transition even more challenging than they had at first expected.

They would not have got this for if they were not already excellent performers. Coaching will help them to not only maintain excellence as conditions change but also to guide behaviour change that will take them to the next level – from excellent to exceptional.

Coaching in the Boardroom

Increasingly, coaching is recognised as an aid to onboard new Non-Executive Directors and to optimise performance in the boardroom.

In many cases, a Board effectiveness review or an external event will prompt the start of a coaching relationship: a first-time NED appointment, M&A activity, a new market challenge, which means that existing skills and behaviour are not enough.

Some NEDs tend to focus on their area of expertise, perhaps not contributing to the broader strategic thinking. A skilled business coach and, where appropriate a board mentor, helps reflect what needs to be done and see how to communicate it.

Coaching for Succession

Coaching for Succession prepares an organisation’s brightest, most promising people for the top jobs and helps them to turn promise into achievement. The themes our coaches address include career planning, personal development, maximising personal effectiveness quickly in new roles, stakeholder management, and building solid achievements and a legacy.

It can be invaluable to have an objective ‘thought partner’ with in-depth knowledge of their strengths and development areas – helping to sharpen their ideas, refresh their performance and keep them on track.


Much has been written about a CEO’s first 100 days and their importance in terms of gathering information, making decisions, developing key relationships and starting to put a strategy in place. 360@180 provides a touch point three months down the line which enables feedback, support and intervention at an early enough stage to have an impact well ahead of the first annual appraisal.

Delivered by highly experienced commercial business coaches, 360@180 provides an early assessment of the new CEO’s contribution. It equips the CEO with a development plan to ensure he/she achieves excellence in meeting personal and corporate expectations.  


Coaching is a highly personal business. Our coaches start afresh each time they begin an assignment. We tailor our programmes to take account of each individual’s style, beliefs, behaviours and responsibilities..

A successful working relationship depends on being able to confide and speak freely. We always begin with a ‘chemistry meeting’. This one-hour session enables both client and coach to satisfy themselves that the coach’s skills and approach match the client’s needs and goals that the relationship will be open, relaxed and productive.

Every individual has different issues to address, their own set of skills and talents and their own beliefs about themselves, their sense of purpose, their organisations or boards and their futures that help or hinder the achievement of their goals. Through a series of around six to ten sessions over approximately twelve months, the coach works with the individual to identify these factors. Building on this greater self-knowledge, client and coach work together to develop specific work and personal goals – and understand how they can be accomplished. This also enables them to agree on the particular results that they expect the coaching programme to achieve.

Subsequent sessions reinforce self-understanding, monitor progress against these specified goals and fine-tune the individual’s responses as events unfold in his or her working life.


Every coaching programme is bespoke and comprises:

• An introductory ‘chemistry session.’
• Full co-created programme design
• Six one-to-one, two-hour sessions, once a month, usually over six months
• Email and or telephone conversations
• Interim assessment meetings with CEO or Chair, where appropriate.
• Follow-up at programme conclusion at three- and six-month to assess how learnings were embedded .

Meetings are spaced to allow development work between sessions so that clients can make the coaching programme part of their working life.

How we measure success

Because the coaching process is so personal, the desired outcomes will be different for each client. For some people, the goal may be as simple as ‘going forward with greater confidence’. Others request teaching from a mentor. So as part of the process, we agree with the criteria against which we can measure progress and achievement
We can offer a variety of tools for measuring progress, geared to individuals’ specific needs and aspirations. These include 360, MBTI, Strengths, Firo B, among others.


We recognise the importance of confidentiality, and programmes are conducted in accordance with the code of ethics produced and updated by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Working to the highest quality standards

We work to the highest professional standards recommended by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the British Psychological Society and ensure that all our coaches work under regular one-to-one professional supervision.

Some of our clients

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